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Peptide Therapy
After the age of 30, GH levels start to decline and continue to drop every year. This important hormone is absolutely essential to recovery, muscle building, fat burning, hair health, skin growth and skin elasticity. One of the reasons why the average teenager has a 6-pack, has incredible healing and gains muscle quickly is often credited to this hormone.  
We offer a variety of peptides, including Ipamorelin which enables the pituitary gland to produce more GH naturally. In fact, this is much safer, and more effective than taking any synthetic medication because the pituitary gland knows its limits. Therefore peptides are very effective in allowing a 35 year old or even 65 year old enjoy the benefits of elevated GH, safely. 
If you are wanting to slow down the aging, gain lean muscle mass, sleep better, burn fat and recover at a rapid rate, then peptide therapy is worth looking into!
Ipamorelin can help you to improve your Mental & Physical Health
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Transform with the Power of Peptides
What are the benefits of Ipamorelin CJC 1295 Peptide Therapy?

There is a long list of benefits that start to occur in the first 1-2 months of Ipamorelin Peptide Therapy. Some benefits may take a few months as the natural production of GH is gradual and lasting. We recommend continuing therapy as an ongoing supplement to your diet and exercise routine. Here are a few of the most common benefits of Ipamorelin…

* Growth in lean muscle mass
* Improved hair, skin and nails
* Increased fat burning
* Rapid wound repair
* Improved sleep
* Increased immunity against sickness

What is the cost of Ipamorelin Peptide Therapy?

The cost may determine on our supply and which pharmacy we are working with. Currently, we offer a 1 month supply of Ipamorelin CJC 1295 for only $200. Additionally, we offer a Free Video Consultation for patients that are interested in Peptide Therapy. Please call us to confirm availability and current pricing. 

How do I get started with Peptide Therapy? 

If you want to gain strength, endurance and muscle tone, while burning fat, Peptide Therapy may be a good fit for you. Additionally, Peptide Therapy can offer a strong boost in immunity and overall health and vitality. Research has shown that aging can cause a consistent drop in normal GH levels, but that naturally elevating these levels thereafter is safe and healthy. 

Contact Vitality today for a FREE 15 minute consultation at 480.854.8000. We can explain the costs and benefits of Ipamorelin GH Therapy. Vitality Medspa is now offering Ipamorelin CJC 1295 in the Phoenix area and surrounding cities. Call today for a free video consultation. Now serving Phoenix, Mesa, Flagstaff, Showlow, Tempe, Chandler, Tucson, Gilbert, Tolleson, Glendale, Peoria, Glendale, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Tucson, and surrounding cities. Call today for a consultation! 

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