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Vitamin Shots
Being malnourished can mean much more than just not eating enough food. It can mean you have a serious deficiency in important vitamins and minerals. This can even be the case if you have a strict diet and take vitamins each day. Sometimes the digestive tract is not absorbing food very well for a variety of reasons. Regardless, if you don't have the nutrients you need, you may be fatigued, overweight, depressed or very susceptible to the flu or cold. 

This is why we offer the very best in vitamin shot therapy. Studies have shown that many of us have a deficiency and need to supplement our diet. Vitamin injections completely bi-pass the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream at a rapid pace. They are much more effective than oral supplements, and can give a dramatic boost in a short amount of time. Invest in your health and improve your energy and overall vitality with our vitamin injections.

Improve Immunity, Energy & Health with Prescription Vitamin Shots
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Our current Vitamin Shot choices...

Vitamin B12. $120 for a complete injection kit and 4-8 week supply of high potency B12. 
Benefits include an increase in energy, mental clarity, improved digestion and much more. 

Vitamin B-Complex. $140 for a complete injection kit, and 4-8 week supply of high potency B Vitamins
Benefits include improved stamina and energy, reduced adrenal fatigue, increased immunity against the common cold, flu and other sicknesses. 

Fat Burner and B12 Combo. $140 for a complete injection kit, and a 4-8 week supply of a high potency blend of fat burner minerals and B12. Benefits include greater fat metabolism, an increase in energy and improved liver function. 

Super Cocktail. $160 for a complete injection kit, and a 4-8 supply of high potency Fat Burner and B-Complex shots. Benefits include natural fat burning, improved metabolism, energy boost, increased stamina, greater immunity against sickness and much more.

Vitamin C. $120 for a complete injection kit and a 4-8 week supply of high potency Vitamin C.
Benefits include a rapid boost to your immune system and faster recover from the cold, flu or other related sicknesses. Increase in energy and overall health and wellness. 

Shots are only available by phone order basis. Walk-in shots are not currently available. All of our vitamin shots and injections are made by a licensed pharmacist here in the US. Shipping is included on order sent to Arizona, $20 to all other states. 
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Weight loss plans do not include additional prescriptions, blood-work or any service or product that is not listed above. Results may vary, Please consult with Doctor to discuss your individual results. 
Dont worry . . we can help
According to 2014 NHANES Data, 70.2% of American adults are overweight or obese.  It's ok to need help losing weight, and that is our job. Let us help you to be healthy again and feel better about yourself. 
Our Doctors . . your mentor
Professional advice can help you to be accountable, and can boost your confidence in just one week.  A mentor can be remove obstacles in becoming healthy again.  Our Doctors are mentors, & we are good at it. 
Statistics are real
More than 90% of our patients are happy with our service. That is why we have more 5-star ratings than anyone else in Arizona. We see each patient as a person that has come in search of  a solution, and we are there to help. 
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